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marguerite bonnevilleMost people like to know who’s behind a web site they visit, partly out of curiosity but also because of the credibility factor. After all, why would you place any value on information if you couldn’t identify the source? 

With that in mind, I’ve written a brief summary of my journey through the personal development and wealth creation fields, which, strangely enough, are interconnected. The purpose of the site is to share what I’ve learned so far, as well as any new discoveries I may make in the future.

My Background

My name is Marguerite Bonneville and I'm a former NLP Practitioner. I completed a Bachelor of Arts degree in Drama and English at the University of New South Wales where I discovered the field of psychology.

After moving to California, I explored Primal Therapy, Rebirthing, Summit Workshops, Science of Mind, the Fisher-Hoffman Process and Neurolinguistic Programming (NLP). With NLP I felt I'd discovered something both practical and magical, so I obtained my Practitioner Certification in 1985. I did the Master Track Training in 1986, Ericksonian Hypnotherapy in 1987 and my Trainer's Training in 1990. I set up a counseling practice in Los Angeles, which I ran for several years.

In the mid-1990s I returned to Australia and decided to try something new. I taught NLP and screenwriting courses at TAFE, the national adult education body, and ran a local writers' group where part of my job was to help members find a publisher. I learned that it's very difficult to make money as a writer in Australia, even after becoming a published author. This led me to take a look at my relationship with money in general and I discovered that I had an antipathy towards wealth and rich people, in part a residue of my liberal arts background. I determined it was time to reframe my attitude and I was off on a new quest.

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Playing the Money Game

In 1999 I began attending wealth creation seminars, workshops and courses. I read every book I could find on money, investing, stocks and real estate. And I began working in the Australian film industry to amass some quick capital.

I lost my first sum of seed money in the stock market tech crash of 2000, a great lesson in the negative consequences of succumbing to fear and greed. I realized then that there was more to making money than just having a positive attitude and educating oneself. The various emotions that arise in response to changing circumstances, especially when you're under pressure, can knock you right off the track. I resolved to take what I'd learned from NLP and other trainings and apply it to the process of wealth creation.

Returning to work and earning back my losses and some additional capital, I took things more slowly the second time around. The first counter-productive attitude I had to overcome was my tendency to want it all yesterday. The second was my fear of losing everything again. I also learned to stop beating myself up for getting caught in the tech bubble. So I put myself through the wealth mindset processes presented on this web site and made some decisions about how I would utilize the three money vehicles.

I traded options for a while but didn’t find it satisfying, so I set up a web design and Internet marketing business, which is now my primary focus. I’ve now come full circle and am applying all the information I learned in the personal development field in the business arena.

I’m also blessed with a great support group in the Queensland Cashflow Club. It's been such a treat to have people to discuss information and ideas with, as well as getting support for my projects. And the Cashflow® game has played a big part in keeping my attitude where it needs to be.

If there's any way I can assist you in your wealth creation journey, other than what's covered in the web site, please fill in the form below to let me know.

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